Best for drying your hair ?

I chose to compose this post in the wake of making a hair care related buy which ended up being awful for my hair.  The buy I made was a microfibre towel and in this post I will examine why we ought not utilize an ordinary towel to dry our hair, more secure choices and I will share  heaps of tiny pictures to back up the realities in this post.

Utilizing Regular Towels on Hair

Preceding my hair venture, I constantly utilized a customary towel to splash up water from my hair on my wash days and I was amazed to discover that it could be causing harm. How???? The strands of normal towels are huge and unpleasant and will catch or lock on to hair filaments when the towel is scoured on it.  This outcomes in large amounts of contact and harm to the fingernail skin layer of hair.  Over numerous long stretches of rehashed use, a customary towel will bring about fuzzy and roughened hair filaments which will be progressively inclined to tangles.  Remember, tangles = breakage.

The picture underneath is of some hair strands that had been cleaned on a normal cotton towel.  You will see that the towel filaments are overwhelming the hair strands.

The filaments of the towels are going head to head with the hair strands and you can perceive any reason why the hair filaments would be pulled and pulled and support harm during the time spent being dried with a standard towel.

A retentive however much smoother texture would be substantially less harming to hair.

Utilizing Microfibre Towels on Hair

Microfibre towels have a lot littler and smoother filaments than customary towels.  Despite this they are likewise more retentive than standard towels.  This is a direct result of the structure/make-up of the texture implies it has an enormous surface territory that drenches up water very well.  Using a small scale fiber towel to expel abundance water from hair will bring about considerably less grinding and much smoother hair than utilizing a normal towel.

You can see the pictures underneath taken of some hair that had been cleaned on a microfibre towel, (a similar sort we use at Hairitage to be explicit 😊)  The filaments are not overwhelming the hair stands and this shows why it will be less inclined to catch and hook on the hair.

Thus, a great quality Micro fiber towel will bring about less harm and less breakage. I can confirm how well the miniaturized scale fiber towels we use at Hairitage coast on our customers’ hair without causing harm and breakage.  This is the thing that prompted me needing to get one for my own utilization.

The minute I contacted the microfibre towel I requested I realized it was a fail.  I truly said “what the hell is this” when I contacted it. Taking a gander at it the filaments were bigger than the ones we use at the salon and it didn’t feel smooth to the touch.  I chose I would at present give it a shot and as suspected, I could feel the microfibre towel getting and hauling my hair.  I could really hear a portion of my hair strands pop and break.

The great microfibre towel is on he left, the “not all that great” one is on the right. You can perceive how much smoother and milder the great quality small scale fiber towel looks

You can find in the pictures underneath how the strands of the low quality microfibre towel interlace and fold over the hair fibres.  Hopefully, you can perceive any reason why it will prompt fuzzy hair which will be progressively inclined to tangles.

The thing is, I have a point of reference to contrast with and realize this isn’t the means by which a decent microfibre towel should feel like.

The circumstance made me think; imagine a scenario where I was an amateur to solid hair care, I would have continued utilizing the towel accepting that was the manner by which all small scale fiber towels felt.  This takes me to the second part of this blog post.  Listen to your hair, since something is named and showcased as great does not mean it is directly for your hair. The item may not be of good quality or have terrible fixings… or the item might be extraordinary quality yet may just not be perfect with your hair.

When evaluating new items or hair care apparatuses, consistently be guided by how your hair reacts to it after one or a couple of employments.

Utilizing Cotton T-shirt’s on Hair

We get told all the time that resting on a cotton pad cases is harming to hair and we ought to consistently wear a silk scarf or hood to bed or rest on a glossy silk cushion case.  So, it appears to be conflicting to request that women utilize a cotton shirt to dry their hair.  The cotton used to make bedsheets and pad cases are unpleasant in contrast with those used to make t-shirts.  Good quality cotton shirts are delicate and smooth, lessening the danger of harming levels of friction.  They are likewise very absorbent.  Cotton shirts  gets the activity managed without making harm hair.

I’ve utilized cotton shirts to dry my hair from the very first moment of my hair venture and have never experienced getting and popping or breakage when utilizing it.    Looking at the picture underneath of some hair stands cleaned on a cotton shirt, you can see the filaments are not tangled or interlaced with the hair.

So it appears my cotton shirts are here to stay.  And on the off chance that you buy a miniaturized scale fiber towel, ensure it a decent quality one.  If you utilize a shirt, ensure it feels smooth, does not have any embellishments or designs that may catch your hair.

If it’s not too much trouble note that whatever you use to dry your hair, on the off chance that you handle your hair generally it will cause harm so go simple women.

I trust you have discovered this post accommodating and canny.

With regards to hair items, I’ve never truly been an item junkie.  I purchase what my hair needs and just attempt new things occasionally.  However, there is a thing I have turned out to be dependent on purchasing and I get jazzed with energized at whatever point I get my hands on another one.  Why??? Since the advantages it has for hair are astonishing and I’ve had extraordinary outcomes with each and every one Ive attempted so far.  Any thought what I am talking about?  Find out in my next post. 😊