The Differences between African and Asian Hair

Our hair is not quite the same as that of different races in such a large number of ways.  For our hair to flourish, we must be deliberate in our way to deal with minding of it.  The truth of the matter is that the structure or state of our hair strands makes it increasingly helpless or simple to damage.   as it were, we can’t pull off as a significant part of the harming hair styling rehearses that women of different races do.  Especially with warmth and compound procedures like shading and perms/relaxers.

I would compose a definite post about the contrast between afro finished and Caucasian/Asian hair and understood that I composed a somewhat decent one (on the off chance that I may state so myself) a couple of years ago.  I unequivocally suggest that you read it, on the off chance that you haven’t already.  It will enable you to comprehend your hair a ton better.  To peruse the post click here.

What I might want to include with this short update are genuine pictures which analyze the state of our hair strands with that of different races. In my first post, I drew the images  (which you can see above) to represent the point.  Now that I have  my Trichoscope, I thought about a couple of strands of my own hair with hair from one of my wigs made with Asian hair. The key distinction fit as a fiddle is that Asian and Causcasian hair will in general be progressively round and thicker or hearty while afro hair will in general have an increasingly oval smoothed shape.  You will see this in the picture above and the photos beneath.

Left Image Asian hair with a roundabout shape. Right Image Texlaxed Afro hair with a smoothed tape like oval shape.

The effect of this distinction fit as a fiddle is significant and noteworthy. Again please read the principal post, there is such a long way to go from it.

My next post will be a hair update, I haven’t completed one in such some time. I better continue ahead with my wash day so I have material for the post.