The new formula of Moisture Hair

I’am grinning as I type this in light of the considerable number of women who have visited and met me at the salon who have asked, “haba, why have you quit blogging?”

On the off chance that you are perusing this, you realize I said I’d be back. Women, actually I am pulled in such a significant number of bearings and now and again it turns into a lil hard to do it all.  I will consistently blog, it may not be as regularly as I’d like but rather this is home.  So at some point or another I’ll generally be back.  Mushiness over … . what’s more, on with the present blog entry which is an item audit/correlation of the old and new recipe of Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner.

First thing first, Aussie Moist is my current go to dampness conditioner as I talked about in this post.  I frequently inform women in areas where some with respect to their fave brands might be elusive, to have a back up item in the event that they aren’t ready to discover/purchase their staple products.  I have two back up dampness conditioners I use to profound condition my hair, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Motions Moisture Plus.

The old variant of Motions Moisture Plus appeared to work very well for my hair however I was perpetually discontent with the fixings and attempted numerous choices with better fixings yet none kept my hair as cheerful ( smoother, simpler to detangle, gentler) as the motions.  All that changed when I attempted and experienced passionate feelings for Aussie Moist. So for what reason am I discussing Motions?  Because the reserve of Aussie Moist I brought once more from the UK is done and I haven’t had room schedule-wise to go chasing for some here in Lagos.  I strolled into my magnificence supply store and got a container of the new movements rather… … and I am content with it without a doubt.

In this audit I will talk about the fixings, consistency and the impacts the new fomula had on my hair in contrast with the former one.


What enraged me the most about the old equation was the high amount of mineral oil it contained.  Mineral oil is definitely not a great ingredient.  It increase the value of conditioners and does not enrichen a conditioner the manner in which numerous normal herbal oils do.

The new movements Moisture in addition to contains no mineral oil and such a rich blend of regular fixings which are recorded extremely high up the rundown ( significance there are high amounts of them in the conditioner).  Some of the organic oils and spreads contained in the new recipe incorporates Soybean oil, shea margarine, argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and so forth. In spite of the fact that it is a dampness conditioner, it likewise contains a limited quantity of hydrolyzed proteins which enables hair strands to hold dampness elements for more.

I am not saying this new recipe has an ideal rundown on fixings, yet it unquestionably has a greatly improved nature of fixings that are advantageous to hair.

Consistency of the Product

The old recipe was thicker and required some exertion before sinking or saturating my hair.  I saw that it normally required warmth for around 10 minutes by means of my delicate hood drier before my hair started to retain the item.

The new equation then again is a lot more slender yet it’s not excessively watery or too runny.   The first time I connected it to my hair I was stunned in light of the fact that it vanished, I mean I couldn’t see a thick layer of conditioner sitting over my hair strands, nooooooo, it sank directly into my hair filaments with zero heat.   This made them think “OK – come through Motions… come through”

Impacts on My Hair

I was satisfied with how my hair felt when I flushed it out.  My hair unquestionably felt milder than when I utilized the old formula.  I anyway still lean toward how delicate and impeccable the Aussie Moist Makes my hair feel.  So while the new Motions Moisture Plus isn’t my principle or go-to conditioner, I am glad to continue utilizing it as a back-up and don’t need to feel terrible about putting a low quality item in my hair. Also, in particular I feel more joyful about perusers attempting and utilizing it IF it chips away at their hair.

My next post is a science based, educative post about the structure of afro hair strands in contrast with Caucasian and Asian hair types, the ramifications of our hair’s shape and why it is a central point by they way we treat our hair in the event that we need it to be healthy.  I am as of now chipping away at it so observe you soon.