Hair Health Check

I get a great deal of messages from women who disclose to me they have been thinking about their hair for a considerable length of time or years yet they are as yet encountering a ton of breakage and they have been at a similar length for quite a long time.

I likewise see that when on a hair venture, we regularly complete length checks like clockwork to perceive to what extent our hair has grown.  We frequently use length alone to pass judgment on the accomplishment of our hair venture yet how would we know whether the wellbeing (radiance, body, quality and quality) of our hair is improving?

In the two situations above, what we ought to do is checking how solid our hair and scalp truly is.

Why you ought to do it

A hair wellbeing check will demonstrate :

The nature of your hair fingernail skin

Issues with your scalp and follicles, for example, obstructing, dryness, aggravation and so forth

Proof of warmth harm

Split finishes

Cracked hair shaft and other hair shaft issue

These are not constantly noticeable to the human eye and seeing them with the assistance of a Trichoscope ( hair magnifying lens) will banner up what might need your hair care routine or modifications you should make to your practices or item use so you experience less harm and breakage and augment your hair development potential.

A hair wellbeing check will likewise distinguish way of life, therapeutic or innate variables which might influence your hair and scalp. Recognizing what issues there might be is the initial step to anticipating further harm, decreasing and in the long run turning around the male pattern baldness where conceivable.

How The administration Works

The administration is a three-organize process which incorporates:

a minuscule examination of your scalp, hair follicles and hair stands

accumulation of data about the inner and outside variables that may influence your scalp wellbeing and hair development, for example, your medicinal history, inherited components, way of life and hair care rehearses.

a report on the discoveries of the investigation and 6 explained minuscule photos of your hair and scalp. Hair care proposals to improve the strength of your scalp and hair Further tests with your primary care physician will be suggested if vital

Area: Hairitage Salon, second Floor Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.  This administration isn’t accessible on the web.

Booking: Bookings must be made in advance.  Please send an email to [email protected]  or call  09082474331 for further enquiries and to make a booking