6 Months Of therapy

Its been a short time since my last hair update.  Somehow, I’ve wound up at a half year post relaxer again notwithstanding saying again and again that extending this long most likely isn’t the best for my hair.  Unfortunately, my timetable implied I continued pushing it further and further back.  However going ahead, I am resolved to decrease the length of my stretch to 4 months… ..alright perhaps 5 months

I needed to share photos of my hair at this stage, to demonstrate that, it is difficult and its not pretty.  It’s the standard things I grumble about, the tangles and tangling, the way that wash day turns into a noteworthy errand, continually battling dryness and in light of the fact that I have such a great amount of volume at my foundations, my closures look rather slender and harmed in examination.

I took the photos in this post about seven days after washing.  I should place it in box twists (without any augmentations) day or two in the wake of washing however couldn’t on the grounds that life happened.  I had saturated and detangled my hair about an hour prior to taking the photos and I could as of now feel it starting to bunch and matt a little which you can see  in one of the photos beneath.

When I have a ton of new development, my hair keeps an eye on matt severely on the off chance that I wear it free for a couple days.  And when I state free, I mean in a bun or false bounce style, I wouldn’t set out wear it out  or totally free since I realize I’d most likely end up with bolted hair and an excursion to the hairdressers. I must be exceptionally intensive and delicate while detangling, which with so much new development, can be strangely tedious, disappointing and to be honest, it isn’t down to earth for my way of life and remaining burden.

You can see that my hair is starting to bunch and matt/tangle in this image

Hair with a ton of new development is delicate and must be treated with outrageous consideration to stay away from breakage. Additionally, everyday control ought to be stayed away from when profound into a stretch. What’s more, this is WHY I need wigs to enable me to traverse my stretches.  I just will not invest such a great amount of energy in my hair daily.  When my hair is in box interlaces under my wigs, I can concentrate on saturating and fixing and in light of the fact that my hair is kept to the crate meshes, it no longer tangles.  However, despite everything I invest great time and care detangling when I in the end fix the case plaits to wash my hair.  I detest wash days at all when I am profound into my stretch, yet I guess I just wash once in about fourteen days so it’s not all that awful.

So indeed, this post is a noteworthy tirade or vent of the amount I don’t care for extending excessively.   Sorry 😊 How long was your longest stretch?  Were you ready to oversee it well and maintain a strategic distance from breakage?  Share your tops for overcoming your relaxer extends.

My next post will be an educative one about drying your hair.  Micro fiber versus towels versus shirts and how to utilize them correctly.  Its going to be a decent post.